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Access to these aromatic polymers is necessary to explore the secondary biometabolic pathways they are involved in.

Coniferaldehyde, sinapaldehyde, -coumaraldehyde and caffealdehyde are not commercially available.

Compared with lane 1, the intensity of the protein band around 60 k Da in lane 2 was significantly increased, which corresponded with the expression of 4CL1.

Similarly, the target proteins expressed in lanes 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8).

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The SDS-PAGE profiles revealed that target proteins from A series of whole-cell conversion studies were carried out to verify the feasibility of using 4CL1–CCR, an exogenous bifunctional enzyme, to produce 4-hydroxycinnamaldehydes.

Further study of these cinnamaldehydes would enable us to better understand how lignin is biosynthesized, which will have a significant impact on plant biotechnology.

So far, only coniferaldehyde and sinapaldehyde can be purchased from commercial sources, while -coumaraldehyde and caffealdehyde are not commercially available.

Throughout years of development, biotransformation models have moved from a theoretical stage into successful experimental verification [.

The fusion enzyme 4CL1–CCR has a relatively high catalytic efficiency as both 4CL1 and CCR, which confers the ability to facilitate the reaction from phenylpropanoic acids to 4-hydroxycinnamaldehydes.The products were extracted and purified from the culture medium, and identically characterized by the HPLC–PDA–ESI–MSn.

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