Updating razer copperhead firmware

30-Jul-2017 15:32

Updating drivers is a bit of a nuisance and prone to bugs.

Firmware updates became nigh impossible until I looked in various forums and found tons of users with the exact same problem.

updating razer copperhead firmware-72

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I didn't give it 5 stars because I don't totally like the ergonomics of the mouse as much as just a plain old regular Dell or HP standard mouse. Also the right side buttons aren't positioned very well (they're used for changing the sensitivity in-game).It wasn't a miraculous quantum leap but it was a definite improvement.My shooting accuracy went from around 20-25% (no, I wasn't real good at Vegas 2 to begin with) with the USB mouse up to around 30-35% on average with the Razer.But overall this is a damned good mouse and i highly suggest this to any serious gamer who enjoy's their FPS!

2000 dpi is a bit difficult to get use to at first, but the mouse sensitivity is adjustable so I have been working my way up to it.I have the mouse set up for the fastest settings and left it that way.