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My research turned up exactly one support group for Catholic single parents at the time. K.” With the help of the friend who made the complaint, Leandra put together a presentation on the needs of single parents and took it to his pastor.The pastor in turn recommended they talk to the diocese, which greenlighted Leandra’s proposal for a Catholic Single Parents’ Association at St.The night before my daughter started her freshman year at a new high school where she knew no one, I stared at the ceiling and made a few wishes. But after that first day of school, my 15-year-old came home in tears….I hoped she’d like her teachers and make a new friend. “The generosity has been overwhelming.” Regardless of whether it’s something as significant as providing financial support or as simple as volunteering to watch a child for an hour so the parent can take a nap, every gesture of support individual Catholics give, said Walker, does a great deal to help single parents cope with the challenges they face and, equally important, feel like the Church hasn’t forgotten them.“See the needs and make sincere offers of help — that’s the best thing anyone can do for single parents,” she concluded.At the time she was widowed, Fallon was pregnant with their seventh child, had a 2-year-old with Down syndrome, plus five older children, ages 13, 11, 9, 7, and 5.

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For parents like Victoria Fallon, a widowed mother of seven who lives in Toronto, Ohio, that type of opportunity is rare.The private and voluntary sector will also be given a bigger role in getting people off benefits.