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Winona Ryder's dating history is the stuff of legend. Chapter One: Tom Cruise Chapter Two: Brad Pitt Christian Slater (46)Period: 1988Backstory: The two kids dated briefly while filming the iconic cult classic Heathers. It didn't end well, probably due to miscommunication over how exclusive they actually were. Quote: "I don't think I would date Winona - she's kinda old.

A reporter for Sassy once asked some alternative rockers if they would go out with her, explaining, "It's my theory that boys start bands so they can get famous enough to attract Winona Ryder." Courtney Love once said, "You're no one in music until you have feuded with me or until you sleep with Winona." In short, Winona had her share of fun. Quote: “We went out for two weeks and he broke my heart, or I thought he did at the time.” (Slater maintains he has no idea what she's talking about)Trivia: Slater continues to think highly of Winona, telling a journalist a couple of years ago he doesn't understand the "she's crazy" party line and that he still loved her. I like Natalie Portman."Trivia: Oberst maintains they were just friends. Jamiroquai/Jay Kay (45)Period: 2003Backstory: The musician from that video that tripped everyone out in the 90s had a fling with Winona and no one would've known about it had he not brought it up years later in a gross, dickhead way.

He ended up going to Syracuse University, where he majored in the department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies and where he spent most of the time “smoking weed” and writing songs.

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“I found over the years that the great ones, and the most talented and most successful ones are the nicest people,” maintains Yorn.“There's a romantic notion of them as weird characters and those people do exist, but even the ones who have a serious mystery on camera or in the persona they play, when you actually hang out with them they're very down to earth and nice.” He says the same of Pixies frontman Frank Black, who produced his 2010 album Pete Yorn and was “super inspiring” when they worked on songs together.

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