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30-Oct-2017 22:24

You know how sometimes you see parents and children out in public, and the kid is really pushing their luck with something?Maybe they won’t stop running after pigeons or pouring salt on the table, and the down-trodden parent is repeatedly pleading ‘Please stop doing that’ until they snap and bellow at their stunned kid to fall in line? You can ask them nicely to stop leaving their food wrappers on the sofa one thousand times, but it’s just background noise to them: they’re used to having someone eventually relent and clean up after them.No, the cheap suit you bought 12 years ago for your very first job interview won’t cut it for my cousin’s wedding, sorry.

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There in his arms was the most precious little girl, and I swear I felt like I fell in love with both their smiles right then and there.

Man child, however, takes an all-or-nothing approach, blowing his wages (oh yeah, man child earns wages, not a salary) on whatever takes his fancy when he gets paid and then lives on the breadline until his next payday.