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First it’s some boorish reality show threatening its way of life, and now, just a summer later, it’s a wretched “dating app” causing all amounts of pain and peskiness. posh neighborhood—applied for a party permit, switched it to a wedding permit, didn’t get the permit, but went ahead with the party despite all that.Page Six, battle-worn and soot-covered as it reports from the trenches, has a story about how Tinder, everyone’s favorite swiping nightmare, rented a house in Montauk and then enraged the neighbors with its loud and raucous parties. It’s one thing for Joe and Jane Weekly Rental to have some sort of classless bacchanalia, but for a ? The police and fire departments came after neighbors raised a hullabaloo, people were issued tickets, and the conflict reached a breaking point.If you vow right now that the second you see tepid, you’re going to back up and say “No fucking thanks,” and move on without looking back, then your self-esteem will immediately bounce back from years of abuse. That means retiring the soliloquy about how great you are. Is there a more beleaguered place on this planet than the end of Long Island?Sure, sure, there are whole island nations in the Pacific that are being reclaimed by the oceans. It seems there were two particular parties that had residents calling foul.And imagine that I spend several hours of my time explaining why I’m awesome and my work here is incredibly significant to the health of the planet, and I fucking matter and I have great ideas, brilliant fucking ideas, I’m a genius, and seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? I want to engage in a give and take conversation while occasionally calling them on their shit. It’s an accident of fate that I ever hung out with high fivers in my entire life. Suddenly this tepid bit of flotsam is taking up my time, and instead of turning away from it, I’m making claims that my work is deeply important (which, well, is a highly subjective stance). I love Kanye, and he sounds the way he sounds on Jimmy Kimmel for a very good reason. I have one in my own home, in my bed, of all places. But he’s great, really, much more honorable and kinder than me, as a matter of fact. But here’s a little anecdote for you: I went out to a bar the other night with some women, and it was late at night (this is rare for me) and there were some men there, regular guys, reasonably ok looking, flirtatious high-fiving types?

Instead, you should be saying, “Fuck you AND your Hampton house.” Yes, your first priority should be to keep an open mind, to listen, to observe men with a clear, uncluttered perspective. ads, but instead of eating a hamburger she’d be saying FUCK YOU, YOU ARE A SEXIST FUCK. How many people in that bar would even know who the fuck she is? Not even because they’re incredibly sexist — maybe they’re just pragmatic, or ambivalent in this case. They don’t think you’re a math genius or a historian, and they’re gonna call bullshit. You have to bring the full force of who you are and what you love to that project. The owner of the home, real-estate zillionaire Michael Hirtenstein (who lives in this thing when he’s in the city), spoke to Page Six and told them he’s not about this noise business at all: “They rented the house for July and told me they were having small private events.When I heard neighbors complained and the police were up there, I sent [Tinder] a text saying, ‘Get out of my house,’ and they were like, ‘We already did.’” So, that’s that. Except, this battle for Montauk’s soul is not just relegated to a few loud parties thrown by a bleakly depressing dating app.You dig me, you put in effort, you aren’t remotely tepid, we can relate to each other, and you make me feel like the things that are patently fucked about me are actually thrilling and vital and they somehow matter. You don’t believe me, but I spent years around this species and I appreciate them. I’m not saying I’m hot, and I’m not saying I’m disgusting, all I know is that to them, I am dipped in shit. Most guys I met preferred my flirty lady friends to me.

(And I know you’re exciting and I love your juicy booty, but that’s not the point.) Now imagine for a second that someone writes to me and says, “Look, you’re just ok and you’re old and you’re wasting your time on this bullshit.” (Um, no one does that, because this isn’t Salon.) But imagine that someone does tell me that. That said, though, I don’t want to follow their meandering bullshit wherever it leads, and I don’t want to flirt, and I don’t want to feed their egos. Usually, this starts after I open my mouth, but maybe not? Now sometimes slightly weird guys, slightly smarter, stranger, maybe more damaged or maybe just more sensitive guys (or both), they were a little intrigued by my not-buying-it face and my assertive here’s-what-I-fucking-think fat mouth, or maybe they just liked my ass, which truly was a force of nature for a time.

And he’s right, they DO just want to meet him, leech off him, take photos of him, point at him, get him to sign some deal to do this or that, kiss his ass and laugh behind his back. This is the texture of the world we live in, and stepping around it politely makes me feel crazy.

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