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I don't play sports very much, but I make it up in my knowledge of computers.I am interested in anybody with an open mind and big aspirations for the future.There's a light on in the Nerd Nook: John Teen Ø is composing e-mail into the night.

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(Quirk maintains a gender-neutral identity online, to be an equal-opportunity sounding board for young lesbians and gay men.) "They're complaining.It used to be, ' Ick - I think I'm gay, I'll sneak around the forum and see what they're doing.' With this second wave of activism, it's like, ' There's gay stuff here, but it's not right for me.' These kids are computer literate, and they're using the anger of youth to create a space for themselves."The powers that be at AOL, however, have not yet seen fit to allow that space to be named by its users - the creation of chat rooms called "gay teen" anything is banned.