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Do I believe that Whedon’s cheating on his wife makes him a shitty person, considering how much he obviously hurt her, and damaged her emotionally? Do I ACTUALLY think this fact somehow makes Whedon a “fake feminist”? Whedon’s public persona has been one of the “feminist” often lauded for his creation of strong kick ass characters who escape the myriad of tyrannical tropes that relegate women to one dimensional characters whose only motivations are to serve at the behest of their male counter parts.The word feminism or feminist comes up when describing his work and even describing the man himself.Girl, that fucking blooooooowwwwsss, I would never wish that on my worst enemy.

Whedon has recently split from long time wife Kai Cole and there’s a pretty crazy interwebs shit storm after Cole wrote a very intense essay detailing that her ex is not the feminist you believe him to be due to his extra marital affairs.Perhaps they actually weren't interested, but at times, it hurt not knowing for sure. I figure if I don't call him by tonight, he'd figure I'm not interested but then, some people think I'd be "emasculating" him if I don't let him do the hunting.