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24-Sep-2017 06:40

That’s true regardless of condom use — if you’re undetectable, you’re unable to transmit HIV even when you play bare.That’s true regardless if we cum in your ass or in your mouth. I didn’t want to spend a few hours cruising the web, reading dense articles about antibodies when I could be watching TV.In all likelihood, you don’t know who around you is HIV-positive until they say so, or until you see that little “ /u” (or some variation of that) on their Grindr profile (“ /u” translates to “positive and undetectable”), or until you see them categorized as “Poz” on Scruff.Despite this being the reality — the fact that HIV-positive gay men are everywhere, particularly if you’re the slightest bit involved in your queer community everywhere in your life — you might not grasp how many of us there are until you start looking.We’re getting frequent tests — it’s part of our health regimen. When I do, I do a full-range test for a list of sexually transmitted infections. There are guys who assume they’re HIV-negative who don’t get STI tests often, and then there are HIV-positive guys who do.

Pr EP evens the playing field between poz and neg guys and eliminates the fear that has existed between us for so long — a fear that’s muddied our sex lives and ruined our relationships. There are many gay men who are aware of their HIV-positive status and are not on medication.

This week, we marked National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day — a day of observance started in 2008 by the National Association of People With AIDS. Julio Montaner, UBC-Killam Professor of Medicine; UBC-St.

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