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And if the person asking the question is a sexual partner (or a potential sexual partner) even more goes into your answer. And if you're going to lie, do you make the number bigger or smaller? Does one part have to go into another part to be considered sex?

How will this influence your chances of sex with them in the future? Defining sex may seem like a theoretical exercise but here it's all practical.

There are musicians who are stunningly adept at playing their instruments, but whose music bores you to tears. Public health researchers talk about people with multiple partners as being "high risk." This makes some sense when you are talking about populations, but at the individual level, someone who has had anal sex with 20 people and always used condoms, lube, gloves and good communication is at less risk than someone who has had unprotected anal sex just once.

Big number means pressure, small number means boring.

so you are welcome to call me if you are interested……!! I work in an international organisation at IDB building at Dhaka.

You have to decide what you count as sex and how you want to be perceived by others. Consider just a few of the aspects to counting up our sexual partners.Phone sex is the perfect way to make a carnal connection when you and your man are apart. Explain to each other exactly what you're doing ("I'm tracing circles on my inner thigh") and how it's feeling ("I'm getting so wet"). Giving good phone is a lot easier -- and more fun -- if you get into a lusty mood before you dial his digits.And while the thought of it may leave you speechless, tantalizing talk isn't as tricky as you think. Share your steamy desires, describe details from your favorite fantasy or tell him, step-by-step, what you wish you were doing to him. Lie back and envision a supercharged bedroom scenario with your guy.Email is monitored periodically Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

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