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18-Aug-2017 20:46

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In order to improve the sexual experience for both husbands and wives, there needs to be a great effort put forth towards improving the marital relationship.

When a couple has good communication, conflict resolution and commitment to excellence on a personal and marital level, then the environment is created which is conducive to romance, fulfillment and joy.

For the sake of privacy, each writer is identified only by her marital status.

May Allah bless all of us with loving, passionate, and fulfilling intimate lives.

When women don’t feel attractive or confident they will not allow themselves to be vulnerable and perform sexually.

When men take the time to bond with their wives, nurture their relationship and familiarize themselves with sexual needs of their wives, they can be successful in fulfilling them on a regular basis.

The majority of the clients I have done therapy with have expressed that sex is either painful or uneventful.

This series of articles contains the perspectives of several Muslim women at different stages of life who have grown up and lived in different parts of the world, East and West, and want to share some insights with Muslim men – both married and unmarried – who don’t want sexually repressed, bitter spouses and failing marriages.

This is a look behind the scenes to aid understanding of a universal social issue.

There Muslim women that report having fulfilling sexual experiences with their husbands.

It is evident that individuals who have these experiences usually have a very strong friendship with their spouse.This form of consistent affirmation allows the wives to feel nurtured and to open up sexually to their husbands.

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