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29-Jul-2017 23:59

Once she connects with a buyer, Julia ships her milk overnight in an insulated cooler with dry ice. These women often abandoned their own babies.“It was an incredibly fraught relationship because you were exchanging the life of a poor baby for the life of a wealthier one,” says Golden.As methods were developed to collect and store breast milk, physicians turned it into a therapeutic commodity—particularly for premature infants.Medolac, based in Oregon and started in 2009, sells 4-ounce pouches of sterilized donor milk to hospitals for up to .90 an ounce.Theirs is the only “room temperature” product currently on the market, meaning it does not need to be thawed out.HMBANA interviews potential donors, performs blood tests and covers the costs of containers and overnight shipping.When frozen breast milk arrives at the banks, it is pasteurized and screened for drugs like alcohol and nicotine, as well as diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

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~ Why should a company such as Prolacta be allowed to profit from the sale of donated milk, but the mothers themselves not be allowed to profit?

What should women do if they have extra expressed breast milk?

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