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She attended the University of Georgia, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. She and some fellow boxers created a non-profit organization titled "Knockouts for Girls", a charity that provides scholarships and boxing lessons for underprivileged girls.

She completed the Nautica Malibu Sprint Triathlon and is scheduled to compete in the Wildflower Olympic Distance Triathlon at Lake San Antonio, California In 2009, Shallow and fellow Survivor contestant Amanda Kimmel appeared in the movie Into the Blue 2 (as herself).

During the tenth Immunity Challenge, Shallow convinced Jason Siska to step down from the challenge so that she could win Immunity, which worked (under the condition that the tribe would not vote off Siska).

However, her "Couples Alliance" decided to go back on their word and they targeted Siska.

On Day 20, she made a deal with Natalie Bolton for an alliance with Clement and Alexis Jones, plus a Final Four deal with Jones and Kimmel; Bolton accepted both deals.

At the merge, Shallow found herself in a good position as she was allied with six (Jones, Kimmel, Fields, Bolton, Lusth, Clement) of the nine people left.

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Shallow was particularly allied with Gentry and Woodcock, who truly were romantically involved.

In an attempt to stay in the game, Gentry and Shallow talked to Yul Kwon about voting out Penner first in exchange for their jury votes, a plan which succeeded.