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Men are instead positioned as the primary defenders and protectors of both women and the community, writ-large.Instead, women’s involvement in the conflict is typically structured around feminised duties, such as cooking, sewing and nursing, a gendered division of labour that serves to depoliticise women’s involvement.Because women need access to more water and more firewood than men, they end up leaving the camps to get more resources.But when they leave the camps, they are risk of being attacked by enemy soldiers or stepping on landmines.Too often we are blind to the gendered roots of violence and conflict in Myanmar.Much of the focus on Myanmar’s ongoing political transformation and prospects for peace has centred on intrastate conflict and ethnic nationalism.Here we can see how material insecurity at the household level interacts with political marginalisation at the level of local politics to increase women’s insecurity.

All female soldiers who I interviewed as part of my research explained their participation in the army as contributing to the survival and struggle for the Kachin nation.

An example of how insecurity is gendered can be seen in the number of female-headed households, or in the way that gendered norms work to position women as the caretakers of families.