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31-Dec-2017 13:00

If an Arab women will date or have relations with a Jewish man, her parents or brothers will banish, expel and maybe even kill her for the assault on the family honor (see But in Israel I don't think it's true.There is too much hate between Arabs and Jews in Israel and also the cultural gap is too large.It is often said that Arab women will only date Arab men. Their religion forbids an Arab woman to date a Jewish man and I'm Jewish.Also she must date someone from her village so that her parents could get to know him personally.Hi all, I'm a middle easterner living in New Zealand and who has lived here for quite a long time.Lately I've been thinking of working in Dubai as to the opportunities in there and also to sort of connect back with my arabic culture. If so where are the places to go to in order to meet them? Cheers I dont know if Choco even read the post of west.

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What I mean by that is I'm interested in having a relationship with a descent arab girl ( sorry western girls although you're cute but I've been in the west for too long! If so where are the places to go to in order to meet them? Cheers Well first of all miss Chocoholic I'm not a lonely heart! We all know that Dubai is such a multicultural city and was just wondering how arabs act in the whole dating scene. you can go get some chocolate The question is how is the dating scene for arab community in Dubai? Well west I personally havent dated traditional girls. Best bet would be to join community centre or a social arab (they usually have traditional girl) girl who introduce you to other women.thanks lastmanonearth and desert surfer ..Read more Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.